Who We Are

We are Seth, Hazel (the world’s best farm dog), Bukka (the world’s most cantankerous farm dog) and Etta (the world’s wiggliest farm dog). We come from Pike Road, Alabama, the Watsonville Animal Shelter, a goat farm above the American River, and a sheep ranch in the Columbia River basin, respectively.

Contact Seth at lemonadespringsfarm@gmail.com. Or call, at (831) 726 8071. E-mail is best; we take the view that talking on the phone is an archaic relic of a bygone technological era best left to that simpler time, much like the carrier pigeon, or two tin cans on a string.

We like postcards! Where would we be without the postal service, proof positive that limited socialism IS possible in America. Our home farm is located at 327 San Andreas Rd, Watsonville CA 95076.

We love you all, you wonderful customers you, but we are simply far to busy to offer farm tours, so please don’t show up and ask for one. You will be disappointed, and very large dogs will come and bark at you until you leave. If you show up and honk on the horn at the gate, everyone present will actively and intently ignore you, except the dogs, who again, will menace you.


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