Pork Shares

We offer pork from our heritage-breed, pasture raised pigs in bulk. You can buy either a whole pig or a single side (half) at a time. Pigs are sold by the hanging-weight, after being slaughtered. You pay a per pound price based on hanging weight, as well as the butcher fee to have the meat separated into various cuts, and we handle all the logistics. At the end of it, you have a wonderful variety of delicious cuts ready for easy eating throughout the year.

Our pigs spend their whole lives outdoors on pasture. We feed the piggies only certified organic grain, which contains no GMOs, and organic vegetables from our farm and our friend’s farms. Breeds we raise include purebred Berkshires, purebred Tamworths, and heritage breed crosses with both the Berks and Tams, as well as Old Spots. Heritage breed pigs yield darker, richer and more flavorful meat. Pigs raised on pasture, where they can wallow, lay in the shade and forage for some of their own diet, are happy, healthy and above all, respected and honored while on the farm with us.

Pigs are priced at 5.50/lb based on hanging weight. Butcher fees vary depending on which butcher is used and what cuts you request back, but are typically around a dollar per pound of meat. A side typically weighs between 90 and 110 pounds; a whole pig weighs about double that. In addition to the price you pay us, you will pay the butcher fee. Except in rare circumstances, or if you wish to contract with a custom butcher independent of us, we will handle all transportation, slaughter and associated costs. Since our customers are often spread throughout Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Clara Counties, we do our best to find mutually agreeable pickup or delivery locations, but we may ask you to pickup at the farm in Watsonville.

Scheduling and availability varies. Please contact Seth for more information.